Tuesday, March 27

Monday, March 19


This delicious chocolate cake was waiting for me upon my arrival to Kuwait, my mum's specialty.

Sand Storm

The second day upon my arrival, a sandstorm hit Kuwait. It was quite sudden, the skies turned into a burnt orange colour, with the sand quite dense in the air.


I came across this post on a Kuwaiti Blog Confashions, and i was really interested in the faceless covered women tags that were up on walls around Kuwait. I know the post was focused on the graffiti, but i was drawn into the faceless women. There was something powerful about them and urged me to look into them further.

Another image Image in context from the blog 2:48am:

Back Home

I'm back home in Kuwait, trying to take as many photographs as possible with my x100, with the help of my brother Samo. It's so good to be back to the family and to be in Kuwait, which i consider to be home even though i am Lebanese. Will keep posting photo's of my Easter break here.

Last day in London

So the end of term has come and i have travelled back home to Kuwait for the holidays.
I enjoyed my last day in London, walking through the beloved St.James Park, enjoying the sights of the blossoming cherry blossom trees with an ice cream cone in one hand and the sunlight in my eyes.

Arrival of x100