Tuesday, February 28

My first attempt at using film, and i happened to come across a camera we had that had not been used since 2003 and so the date was still on it and appears on some of my photos.

Overall i had a great time and really enjoyed the unknown, of not knowing how the pictures would turn out until they were processed, not being able to delete or edit the photos. It was exciting, it took quite a while for me to adjust to going from digital and film. I would definitely like to take more.


One of the tasks we were set: to use a film camera and photograph abstraction.
Here i exposed my film slightly to get a burned effect.

Sunday, February 19

Scratch Away

Ok so i wasn't that lucky with my first attempt at etching. I din't exactly have the right materials/ tools to have it done and so i improvised. But i must say i really like how the paint dried up on my acetate sheet and left my etching lines visible.


This weekend i decided to try out drawing on carbon paper. My first try, it was interesting to see the outcome as i had no idea how it would turn out. I was delving into the unknown in a way.