Monday, October 31

Generating Ideas

I actually woke up in the middle of the night from having an idea. So i grabbed a notebook and  jotted them down in the dark, under my phone's light.

What i did was i researched about Christian Marclay, read about him. Then from what i read, i started generating ideas. Once i had some ideas down, i looked back at his work. Some of my ideas were quite similar to his Collage pieces (shown below).

Back at Chelsea

First Brief i received when i got back was the "Biographies Brief". The name i was given to research was "Christian Marclay". At first i was clueless, but i then recognised him from his work. It's weird when you only know an artists work and then finally see how they look like, it's like "that's how they look like?, i was not expecting that".

Here are some of my rough notes i gathered on Christian Marclay.

All my polaroids will be up on my Polaroids Tumblr: My Life As Nour