Sunday, January 30

I ♥ Typography

I love this video i found of types morphing into one another effortlessly.

Midland Bank ad by Robert Brownjohn (1965-70)

Found a part of the advert for Midland Bank recommended by Suzy. But could not find the whole one. It was very interesting, especially the way the words play out their parts and bring out the message without illustrating them with objects. Just pure Typography.

Word List

Just in black and white Type, no images, illustration, marks or textures.

Thursday, January 27

Logo part2 Final

A snapshot of my final logo piece.


Looking at the Pepsi logo evolving, reminded me of the process i have to go through to get my final logo done. I can't imagine how many drafts and drawings they had to go through to get such a successful logo.

Revisiting the logo's

Why i destroyed Helvetica ''T''

I destroyed Helvetica "T" as i felt the medium i used allowed me to be far more creative, fun, playful and myself (bring out my personality) in destroying it. My comic sans "r" held a far more sentimental meaning to me and i could not bear to destroy it.

Keeping Comic Sans "r"

I wrapped up my comic sans "r" in a custom made tie- dye cloth, from my grandmother in Gambia Africa. I decide to do so as one of my early memories of making bread, was with my grandmother and mother in our house in Gambia, when i visited in 1995. And this is my very first loaf of bread i made so it was quite symbolic for me to encase it in a memory.

My Comic Sans "r"

Scenario 2 Final

Scenario 2- Test shots

I had to get the position of the shoot right so my mum had to take pictures in various positions and show me until i felt it was the right one. And yes i dunked my head into the cake, a first time for me. It was quite an exhilarating moment. I took some time to wash that cream off my face, and i ended up smelling like cream for a while.