Friday, May 25

What is best for our world

My submission with alive music by Adonis

My submission with subtle music by Adonis

Wednesday, May 23

Dissertation Blog

My dissertation blog is now live. We were asked to create one to keep all our thoughts, and research into the theory and practice of our chosen Topic. Will keep updating it up until next year for when it is due.

Power of the Wind- two sides to a story

Further Development on SAS brief

Saturday, May 19

Arabian Lights

Chiclets Gum

I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that they sold Chiclets here in London. They brought back so many memories from my childhood in Lebanon. We used to get the pack and try out each flavour and sometimes mix them all together at one go, ending up with a huge ball of intertwined coloured fruity gum. I still remember each flavour and can taste them as i write this. The memories are so vivid and strong.

hummus wa shawarma - in colour

Friday, May 18

hummus wa shawarma

Hummus- try 1

My Family, My People - Mohamed Abla

Yesterday i visited ARTSPACE London and checked out the exhibition by Mohamed Abla, an Egyptian Artist. I loved the illustrated wall in the entrance of the gallery, which brought the paintings together.

" Mohamed Abla's works are very much influenced by the images of the past, depicting a vast wealth of traditions and symbolism. His artworks form a story - a record of the past and present as if an entry into a diary recording events reflecting the changing course of his life." - quote from the programme.

The family paintings reminded me of looking through some old Lebanese photos at museums in Beirut, bringing back memories.


Wednesday, May 16

My Trip down Edgware Road

My visit to Edgware road took me back to another space in time. I forgot that i was standing still in London, the Nostalgic feeling of home swept over me. The smells and sounds and sights of the fruit and vegetable stalls engulfed me filling me up with a feeling of security and happiness, a smile took over my face. It reminded me somewhat of both Lebanon and Kuwait and made me realise that i want to tell my story of my trip down the road.